Wildlife photography competition

If you love to click wildlife snaps, it is your opportunity to show best snap featured in BC SPCA’s 5th annual Wildlife In Focus Photography competition. Digital snaps are accepted till 30th September in the competition that raises finances for the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre of the society on the southern Vancouver Island. This is the place where over 2500 injured and orphaned wild species are cared each year.

BC SPCA’s manager of wildlife services Sara Dubois told that with the country’s greatest diversity of wildlife in their own province, they were excited to serve amateur and backyard photographers exhibit these stunning animals.

Some of the snaps entered in earlier contests have been boasted in BC SPCA’s AnimalSense and Bark!, local newspapers, megazines as well as even a book named – City Critters: Wildlife in the Urban Jungle, penned by journalist Nicholas Read. Dubois stated that it is a testament to the calibre of photos that are entered.

Prizes will be handed for the top 3 snaps in each of 2 categories – Backyard Habitats and Wild Settings. The competition is open to age fourteen years and up amateur and backyard photographers lodging in BC. Learn more regarding this year’s competition and see the winners from old contests at spca.bc.ca/wildlife-infocus.

The contest advocates participants to dig into roadsides, beaches, green spaces, and backyards to get magnificent snaps which represent the resilience of local wild species staying at the interface with humans.