Václav Šilha’s wildlife photography

Václav Šilha is one of most well known wildlife and nature photographers of Czech Republic. His works has been published in top magazines like BBC Wildlife and National Geographic Magazine. Previous year, he went to and photographed on Sandwich Islands located near Antarctica.

Many wildlife and nature fans will be quite conversant with the works of Václav Šilha, featured in the National Geographic Magazine as well as other top publications – portraits of cheetahs in late afternoon, a lion tearing into its prey, bears and a whole lot of other animals.

Václav Šilha has journeyed the world as a photographer. For some it would come as a surprise, the fifty one year old just took up photography fourteen years ago, a fairly short time he himself says. He found out what became the calling of his life by mere opportunity, on travels to the French Polynesia with his wife, who is a well-known journalist.

Since that time, he has not looked back. In fact, he was immediately hooked on to photography, just after founding out that as hooked quite fast, soon finding out that he preferred to concentrate on nature and wildlife. He started to photograph in Africa as well as travelled quite extensively: but Antarctica always eluded him till the previous year.

A leading website recently talked about his journey. He was there 3 times for three 2-month periods, travelling on a little yacht known as Golden Fleece, 18 meters long. That is a little course, and his first ever thoughts was what he would do on this vessel.