Under the Influence photo exhibit in London

Under the Influence, an International Photography Award exhibition, by Dominic Hawgood, started at packed-out TJ Boulting gallery located in Fitzrovia, in central London last night.

It was really a great atmospheric photography exhibit. The judging panel had Emma Bowkett (picture editor of the Financial Times award-winning FT Weekend Magazine), Brett Rogers (director of The Photographers Gallery), Hannah Watson (director of Trolley Books), Bruno Ceschel (founder of Self Publish, Be Happy) and Sean OHagan (photography critic of The Guardian).

The judges selected Dominic Hawgood from more than seven-hundred photographers to enter the contest. Diane Smyth, the deputy editor of BJP was chief of both judging panels. In fact she organized the whole contest.

Dominic Hawgood told that there was a grand sense of relief in which everything came together; fabrication, the printing, set build as well as light installation. He added that it was a 10 days of huge work installing the exhibit.

He added that to attain the grand build quality meant a huge deal of dedication along with all the attention to detail. He was more than happy with the turn out, it was huge to see so a lot of people. He was happy to know that a lot of people were interested in his works. He is happy to see all the support.

Dominic told that his very first solo exhibit was a steep learning curve. He made brand a new floor, walls and he installed a LED lighting system that really changed the whole atmosphere.