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Pictures at the ‘Female Veterans Speak’

The class begun with 6 film cameras and 6 women and the end result is a great gallery which opens on Friday at the Brookside Museum. The exhibition reveals 7 snaps from each woman.

The black and white snaps are really striking – they attract all the watchers and also force them to have another look. Pictures may make you cry or even it may make you smile. But there is one thing which is common among these women – all of them were clicked by women of the Guardian House which is a traditional living place for homeless female veterans in Ballston Spa.

This program is a the completion of a twelve week photo and writing course which is sponsored by Workforce Development Institute and Saratoga County Rural Preservation Co. Ellie Markovitch, a photojournalist, was the workshop teacher; whereas Victoria Kereszi was the cultural program coordinator and Amy Halloran served as the writing instructor.

A U.S. Coast Guard veteran Peggy Kelley told that she looks at each this in such a way that she would take a picture of that right then, keeping it in a frame and getting it right. Darcy Williams, another resident of the house, caught her little grandson raising his small arms in the air.

Kathy Dunlap, another U.S, Navy veteran, living in the Guardian House since 2011. She told that she loves to click pictures of landscapes and nature. All these women are quite supportive of each other.

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