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.Donegal County Museum organizing a Photography Workshop

Donegal County Museum is going to arrange a workshop on archiving their old photographs, and this entire event will be guided by the curators of the Gallery of Photography.

This is going to happen on 30th September.

The experienced curators will be helping the visitors with the process of persevering the photo albums. Visitors will get to know about some intricate details of photographs including the negatives, proper ways of storing and displaying the photos. The provision of repairing the damaged photos will also be there.

People who are willing to participate, need to come with their personal collections of photographs inclusive of the negatives and digital prints. They also need to carry photographs that they wish to enlarge or enhance the quality of. Those photographs will be scanned first and then reprinted according to the preference of the owners. If some of their photos are not in good condition, the authority will help to provide a solution through useful softwares.
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Award-winning wildlife photography at Detroit Zoo

A series of snaps from the world’s biggest wildlife photography contest will make its debut in the United States at the Detroit Zoo.

The exhibit called Wildlife Photographer of the Year will start on Friday and will go on till 1st June at the Ford Education Center of the zoo.
The showcase features winners from this year’s contest. One hundred pictures were selected from around 42000 snaps by photographers from ninety-six nations. Ron Kagan, the chief executive officer of the zoo, said that the exhibit features magnificent snapshots representing the perfect timing and skill of the photographers.
Speaking about wildlife photography, we must here talk a bit about David Yarrow. He now takes great photos in Africa in the midst of dust and heat clicking magnificent snaps of the animal kingdom. He has captured some of the most iconic snaps of the world. His stunning monochrome snaps have fetch up to £50000 at auction. He said that camping in the wilderness of Kenya is more exciting than football.
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Photography Tips: Mirror-less Interchangeable Lens Cameras PT.2

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Václav Šilha’s wildlife photography

Václav Šilha is one of most well known wildlife and nature photographers of Czech Republic. His works has been published in top magazines like BBC Wildlife and National Geographic Magazine. Previous year, he went to and photographed on Sandwich Islands located near Antarctica.

Many wildlife and nature fans will be quite conversant with the works of Václav Šilha, featured in the National Geographic Magazine as well as other top publications – portraits of cheetahs in late afternoon, a lion tearing into its prey, bears and a whole lot of other animals.

Václav Šilha has journeyed the world as a photographer. For some it would come as a surprise, the fifty one year old just took up photography fourteen years ago, a fairly short time he himself says. He found out what became the calling of his life by mere opportunity, on travels to the French Polynesia with his wife, who is a well-known journalist. Read more »

Landscape Photography Tips

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Iphone / CellPhone Photography Tricks

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Under the Influence photo exhibit in London

Under the Influence, an International Photography Award exhibition, by Dominic Hawgood, started at packed-out TJ Boulting gallery located in Fitzrovia, in central London last night.

It was really a great atmospheric photography exhibit. The judging panel had Emma Bowkett (picture editor of the Financial Times award-winning FT Weekend Magazine), Brett Rogers (director of The Photographers Gallery), Hannah Watson (director of Trolley Books), Bruno Ceschel (founder of Self Publish, Be Happy) and Sean OHagan (photography critic of The Guardian).

The judges selected Dominic Hawgood from more than seven-hundred photographers to enter the contest. Diane Smyth, the deputy editor of BJP was chief of both judging panels. In fact she organized the whole contest. Read more »