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Derby’s Format photography event

Michael Sargeant offers Sarah Colston a feel of the exhibitors in the Format International Photography Festival this year. Quad’s exhibition assistant Michael Sargeant promises various programs that would take place there.

Two magnificent exhibits –Present Perfect? Contemporary Photographs from Iran and Hungry Still – would be on display from 15th March 15 to 18th May, at Quad.

The Hungry Still exhibit comprises magnificent snaps from twenty four international photographers that capture stories from across the world. This exhibit is cocurated by Slideluck London that has piled up the artists’ submissions as well as arranged them in a filmic way. Michael told that Slideluck use photo film, and blends various mediums including still and moving imagery.

The other exhibit Present Perfect? Contemporary Photography from Iran shows the modern day nation and it was cocurated by  Armindokht Shooshtari and Michael Sargeant, who stated that the exhibition targets to break people’s perception of Iran.

As the exhibit starts, Usurp Chance Music Tour play at Chocolate Factory, on 15th March from 8.30 pm. This is a performance named Indeterminacy that was earlier recorded in the year 1959, with John Cage reading ninety tales, each of them lasts a minute.

Stewart Lee adopts Cage’s role companied by pianists Steve Beresford and Tania Chen. The Conspirators of Pleasure would join them, showing new age rhythms and unusual musical creations.

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Wildlife photography competition

If you love to click wildlife snaps, it is your opportunity to show best snap featured in BC SPCA’s 5th annual Wildlife In Focus Photography competition. Digital snaps are accepted till 30th September in the competition that raises finances for the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre of the society on the southern Vancouver Island. This is the place where over 2500 injured and orphaned wild species are cared each year.

BC SPCA’s manager of wildlife services Sara Dubois told that with the country’s greatest diversity of wildlife in their own province, they were excited to serve amateur and backyard photographers exhibit these stunning animals.

Some of the snaps entered in earlier contests have been boasted in BC SPCA’s AnimalSense and Bark!, local newspapers, megazines as well as even a book named – City Critters: Wildlife in the Urban Jungle, penned by journalist Nicholas Read. Dubois stated that it is a testament to the calibre of photos that are entered.

Prizes will be handed for the top 3 snaps in each of 2 categories – Backyard Habitats and Wild Settings. The competition is open to age fourteen years and up amateur and backyard photographers lodging in BC. Learn more regarding this year’s competition and see the winners from old contests at

The contest advocates participants to dig into roadsides, beaches, green spaces, and backyards to get magnificent snaps which represent the resilience of local wild species staying at the interface with humans.

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Scotiabank Photography Award

Stan Douglas has been chosen for Scotiabank Photography Award this year beating out Robert Walker and Angela Grauerholz. Stan Douglas will get a prize money of $ 50000. He will also have a selection of his photography work published in a book by Steidl. Stan will have a one person event at the 2014 CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto in Canada.

Photographer Edward Burtynsky, who is also the chair of the jury members as well as the co-founder of the award told that Stan has helped to define and enrich the Canadian art and photography landscape with his outstanding artwork.

Photojournalists does not live to be in the news. Therefore, it is very awkward when they get selected to win something, stated Jason Malmont, The Sentinel photographer. On Friday, Malmont won one of the most prestigious photojournalism awards of the state when Pennsylvania Associated Press Managing Editors bestowed him with Paul Vathis Memorial Photography Award.

Malmont told that it was a really big and pleasant surprise for him. He added that he never thought that he would receive this award. This annual award recognizes a photographer in the state whose work portfolio entry of spot news, sports and feature photography shows dedication and strong skills to journalism.

Paul Vathis was a photographer for Associated Press and he spent most of his career in Harrisburg. He received a Pulitzer Prize in the year 1962. Vathis passed away in December 2007.

Gideon Knight dreams of being a pro

A thirteen year old photographer with a love for wildlife has got his talent recognized with an exhibit of his work. Gideon Knight’s magnificent snaps of animals, taken in places including Valentines Park in Ilford, are now on show at Temple in the Wanstead Park.

The boy, who is home educated, spends most his week with his dad Callum Church and with his mum. He begun clicking snaps seriously around a year ago when he started loving bird watching and already he has been shortlisted for many awards, that even invludes the Veolia Environmental Wildlife Photographer of the Year at Natural History Museum in London.

His talents now have been recognized by City of London Corporation who were very much impressed with his snaps that they have started an exhibit of his work. Knight told that he is this is really great as well as exciting but a bit weird to have an exhibit. He wanted to be a professional wildlife photographer when he gets older. Therefore this is good to know that people has liked his snaps.

Apart from watching DVDs of David Attenborough, Knight told that he does not have other hobbies, and more importantly it  very clear from speaking to him that photography is a real obsession. He stated that he take photos most days and he get up as early as he could to get the snaps. He does a lot in the Valentines Park but also in his garden, and in Brighton where there are lots of gulls and other migrant birds. Knight added that photographing wildlife is a real challenge as one could not ask them to pose for.