New Sony DSLR cameras

The technology giant Sony Corporation has proposed plans to launch new digital cameras in the coming month. Speaking to a press release later this week on Wednesday to Portrait Photography Stockport magazine, an executive said that in order to increase the market share the corporation is looking to launch four new digital gizmos in the series.

Sony India GM, Tadato added that they are seriously looking for DSLR market share. The mentioned models are almost ready to launch and it would hit the market within a month or two. The current shareholding of the company in the DSLR segments is only five percent.

Sony Digital Cameras are out of the line imagery device for capturing High Definition Images with ease. The Translucent Mirror Technology provides perfect shot for fast and accurate auto focus on (alpha) model. The Single lens translucent or SLT design provides translucent screen which enables Sony DSLR cameras to be compact small, light weight and faster in comparison with other DSLR competitors. Moreover the quick AF detection with high contrast ratio gives life to the recorded video. But in the tough competitive market the demand is more than this.

Over the last few years, Sony has successfully sold compact camera to the arena and now it is looking specifically for the DSLR segment. The present models that are selling successfully include SLT-A65V, SLT-A33 and SLT-A35. The only problem with the Sony DSLR cameras is the price factor and the features it some with. If the company adds in more features and provides assistance to merge in third party accessories and support, the sales figure would see some increase for sure in the long run.