DSLR photography class

This Christmas, there is a golden opportunity to learn how to use Digital SLR camera. The Burt Wood School of Performing Arts, along with Jon Haglof, the The Middleboro Gazette photographer and sports editor (and also the owner of J Haglof Photography) is now presenting a 5 week long photography course beginning from.

The class will meet starting from 15th January at Burt Wood School, located in downtown Middleboro from 6 pm to 8pm. The program is targeted at novice and beginner level photographers who are willing to unlock their skill with their 35 mm Digital SLR camera.

In the class, the students will learn about the basics of a 35mm DSLR camera as well as work towards utilizing the camera in manual mode and using the controls and light meter of the camera to expose an image properly. This would work as a stepping off point to dig into several other camera functions, such as – all the buttons, the menu, use of the built-in camera flash and much more.

The program also adds lessons in timing, perspective, composition as well as a huge range of concepts and techniques made to put you on the road to click great snaps. A 35 mm DSLR camera and some ground level computer skills are needed for the whole course. The 5 week session class would cost just $250. Those, who would join, would get a gift certificate.