.Donegal County Museum organizing a Photography Workshop

Donegal County Museum is going to arrange a workshop on archiving their old photographs, and this entire event will be guided by the curators of the Gallery of Photography.

This is going to happen on 30th September.

The experienced curators will be helping the visitors with the process of persevering the photo albums. Visitors will get to know about some intricate details of photographs including the negatives, proper ways of storing and displaying the photos. The provision of repairing the damaged photos will also be there.

People who are willing to participate, need to come with their personal collections of photographs inclusive of the negatives and digital prints. They also need to carry photographs that they wish to enlarge or enhance the quality of. Those photographs will be scanned first and then reprinted according to the preference of the owners. If some of their photos are not in good condition, the authority will help to provide a solution through useful softwares.

Gallery of Photography is situated in Temple Bar, a place that is considered the creative and cultural quarter of Dublin. It is also a non-commercial organization.

As far as the schedule is concerned, there are going to be two workshops. The first one will start from 11 am and the second one will be from 2 pm. Both workshops will continue for around one and a half hour. Each workshop will allow maximum twelve applicants to participate. These two events are free, but every participant needs to book their appointment beforehand.