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Mark Seliger’s love for music and photography

Mark Seliger is one of the ‘hardest’ working person in the celeb portrait business in the last quarter century, taking thousands of pictures people from President Obama to Dalai Lama to Johnny Cash. Mark Seliger has become a kind of a photo celeb himself. He has made more than 150 covers for Rolling Stone as well as working extensively for the well known magazines such as Vanity Fair, GQ as well as several other high end commercial clients.

What is quite less known is that Mark has been living a double life for over ten years. Along with his photographing popular musicians, he has also been the lead singer for his own band — Rusty Truck. In the New York Times on Tuesday, James McKinley writes about Mark Seliger’s musical adventures as well as Kicker Town, which is his group’s brand new album.

Mr. Seliger penned eleven songs, all in a traditional country style,  for the album. During a telephonic interview with Lens, Mark stated the similarities between photographing and songwriting. He told that it was the same process of storytelling. A great photograph and a great song both come from an effortlessness; not thinking about it very hard and letting yourself to just enjoy it.

He added that having his picture taken was not a natural experience. He want them to come and have one of the best times they ever had.

Scotiabank Photography Award

Stan Douglas has been chosen for Scotiabank Photography Award this year beating out Robert Walker and Angela Grauerholz. Stan Douglas will get a prize money of $ 50000. He will also have a selection of his photography work published in a book by Steidl. Stan will have a one person event at the 2014 CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto in Canada.

Photographer Edward Burtynsky, who is also the chair of the jury members as well as the co-founder of the award told that Stan has helped to define and enrich the Canadian art and photography landscape with his outstanding artwork.

Photojournalists does not live to be in the news. Therefore, it is very awkward when they get selected to win something, stated Jason Malmont, The Sentinel photographer. On Friday, Malmont won one of the most prestigious photojournalism awards of the state when Pennsylvania Associated Press Managing Editors bestowed him with Paul Vathis Memorial Photography Award.

Malmont told that it was a really big and pleasant surprise for him. He added that he never thought that he would receive this award. This annual award recognizes a photographer in the state whose work portfolio entry of spot news, sports and feature photography shows dedication and strong skills to journalism.

Paul Vathis was a photographer for Associated Press and he spent most of his career in Harrisburg. He received a Pulitzer Prize in the year 1962. Vathis passed away in December 2007.

Gideon Knight dreams of being a pro

A thirteen year old photographer with a love for wildlife has got his talent recognized with an exhibit of his work. Gideon Knight’s magnificent snaps of animals, taken in places including Valentines Park in Ilford, are now on show at Temple in the Wanstead Park.

The boy, who is home educated, spends most his week with his dad Callum Church and with his mum. He begun clicking snaps seriously around a year ago when he started loving bird watching and already he has been shortlisted for many awards, that even invludes the Veolia Environmental Wildlife Photographer of the Year at Natural History Museum in London.

His talents now have been recognized by City of London Corporation who were very much impressed with his snaps that they have started an exhibit of his work. Knight told that he is this is really great as well as exciting but a bit weird to have an exhibit. He wanted to be a professional wildlife photographer when he gets older. Therefore this is good to know that people has liked his snaps.

Apart from watching DVDs of David Attenborough, Knight told that he does not have other hobbies, and more importantly it  very clear from speaking to him that photography is a real obsession. He stated that he take photos most days and he get up as early as he could to get the snaps. He does a lot in the Valentines Park but also in his garden, and in Brighton where there are lots of gulls and other migrant birds. Knight added that photographing wildlife is a real challenge as one could not ask them to pose for.

Peak District photography contest

Monsal Head, the Roaches, Stanage Edge – if you can click an inspiring snaps of people relishing beautiful Peak District settings like these, he/she could win a national prize. This year’s United Kingdom Association of National Park Authorities photo contest ( from 18th March to 26th April) is based on the “National Parks: Actively Yours” theme. This means that not only vigorous activities like cycling or climbing, but gentler ones such as birdwatching or stargazing.

Pictures may be clicked in any of the United Kingdom’s fifteen national parks, and the 1st prize of best quality outdoor shoe is being offers by Merrell, the partner of the association.

Peak District National Park Authority’s chief executive Jim Dixon told that he hope that the Peak District’s talented photographers, both professional and amateur, can put up a huge showing in this contest. If amateurs photographers need inspiration, they must pop into Bakewell Visitor Centre where their new Photo Gallery exhibits the magnificent work of a group of local professional photographers.

Pictures has to be of people actively relishing themselves within the limits of one of the fifteen members of National Park family – Loch Lomond & Trossachs, Cairngorms, the Broads, Brecon Beacons, North York Moor, Snowdonia, South Downs, Yorkshire Dales, Pembrokeshire Coast, Peak District, Northumberland, New Forest, Lake District, Exmoor and Dartmoor.

Wildlife photographer speaks of his love for photography

Jim has been taking pictures of local wildlife for the past thirty years, but he never took part in any exhibit. None of his pictures have ever been displayed in any gallery. But Jim does not think about all these things, he told that he just loves to take pictures of animals and birds, and he never thought of contacting someone and get his pictures displayed.

Jim told that he loved wildlife since he was a kid. When he was 17, his parents bought him a camera. He used to take pictures of birds in their locality. After passing out from University, he bought an expensive camera. During holidays, he used to nearby woods and take pictures of local wildlife.

When we look at those pictures, it is really hard to believe that he is not a professional photographer. Some of his pictures cover such a detail that it really tells a story.

Jim stated that it is not only about taking pictures of birds or animals, but he just loves nature, he just loves being in the wild. When he feels board, he walked down the woods for hours that gives him a sense of calmness, it makes him fell happy.

Jim is also very happy that his two kids also love photography. Every Sunday, he and his kids spent the whole day taking photographs. At times, they also travel long distances. Last year, they went to a sanctuary and his kids took some beautiful pictures.

Safaris start wildlife photography workshop

Proud African Safaris specializes in luxury travel arrangements in Tanzania. Now, they have partnered James Blue, a well known professional wildlife photographer, to provide a tiny group safari as well as a photography workshop at the same time. Their main focus would be to click quality wildlife pictures in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Tanzania.

The whole itinerary is planned to concentrate on getting the best wildlife pictures possible in the Tanzania’s most suitable regions. When travelers would go the Central Region, they would get a chance to go to the exclusive off-road regions. The off road ‘filming permits’ allow the travelers to go to these areas and photograph in an otherwise close region. These photographic scopes will be met by close encounter with optimal light angle and targeted wildlife.

The small photo safari group will highlight 5 different regions in the whole ecosystem in Serengeti – Ndutu woodlands, the Ngorongoro Crater, Kopjes of the Central Serengeti, short grass plains and Seronera river valley’s tributaries. The spotlight of this safari is the Great Migration and the big cats, but travelers will get to see several other species to click in a daily basis.

Speaking about wildlife photography, we must also state that a 4 – day wildlife photography exhibit is going on in Coimbatore, India. Along with well known wildlife photographers, new comers have also participated in this year’s event. The ‘Treasures of India’ exhibit and competition is a joint effort by Environment Conservation Group and Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History.

Pictures at the ‘Female Veterans Speak’

The class begun with 6 film cameras and 6 women and the end result is a great gallery which opens on Friday at the Brookside Museum. The exhibition reveals 7 snaps from each woman.

The black and white snaps are really striking – they attract all the watchers and also force them to have another look. Pictures may make you cry or even it may make you smile. But there is one thing which is common among these women – all of them were clicked by women of the Guardian House which is a traditional living place for homeless female veterans in Ballston Spa.

This program is a the completion of a twelve week photo and writing course which is sponsored by Workforce Development Institute and Saratoga County Rural Preservation Co. Ellie Markovitch, a photojournalist, was the workshop teacher; whereas Victoria Kereszi was the cultural program coordinator and Amy Halloran served as the writing instructor.

A U.S. Coast Guard veteran Peggy Kelley told that she looks at each this in such a way that she would take a picture of that right then, keeping it in a frame and getting it right. Darcy Williams, another resident of the house, caught her little grandson raising his small arms in the air.

Kathy Dunlap, another U.S, Navy veteran, living in the Guardian House since 2011. She told that she loves to click pictures of landscapes and nature. All these women are quite supportive of each other.